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Valentines GIVEAWAY

So? what will you be doing this Valentines?

Whether you are romancing it up or staying in for singles awarness day this giveaway is right for you.

Lovely Cupcake Locket or Slumber Jack Jr!

Either have yourself a new man for the evening or doll yourself up with a new sweet locket!

To Enter:


Post link to your Facebook Page!

Tweet this link

Post to Tumbler.

Be sure to let me know by leaving me a comment on here so I can enter you!


Giveaway is being drawing Feb 12th at 12pm

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About April Alayne

Cosmetologist by day, crafter by night. Welcome! My name is April and I live outside of Baltimore, MD. I have been painting/drawing since I could hold onto a brush. My favorite things to draw are people and ideas. I also greatly enjoy doodling cute characters or personifying otherwise every day objects.I draw inspiration from emotions, colors, movement, basically life. Besides art I also enjoy sewing! I get super excited when up-cycling old clothing or finding and altering a great vintage dress. Also I am the creator of the Slumber jack! Fun pillow friends that resemble your favorite icons. I'm super friendly, if you have have a question about anything i would be pleased to hear from you!

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  1. I posted on two of Facebook pages and posted on Twitter :)

  2. :) Reblogged on tumblr <3 :D

  3. Love your stuff, of course I will share it!

  4. I posted on facebook, twitter and tumblr! :D so excited

  5. I posted it on here and on facebook and on twitter :) definetly want to win <3

  6. I posted on my facebook, tweeted, and posted to tumblr

  7. I reblog it to tumblr! <3 here's the link: I tweeted it! here's the link:!/aikarainsworth/status/166829610577825792 and also, I share it on facebook! here's the link: I completed it! Yay! here's my e-mail:
    Good luck and Happy Valentines! :))

  8. Tweeted on Twitter, and posting on my FB now! :0) oh and I have a tumblr so hand on sista! :0) Slumperjack here I come.

  9. I did all 3. :) So excited..haha. but good luck to everyone.

  10. Posted to Facebook and tagged your Facebook page too ;-)

  11. I reblogged on tumblr <3

  12. I just stumbled across your site today and have fallen in love with your artwork! I posted to Facebook…and plan on heading to Always April soon for a purchase, too!!

  13. Posted to twitter and facebook. :)

  14. I really want the necklace, got a big thing for cupcakes. :3
    My friend melanie said she’d take the pillow (:

  15. Hi, Oh my I feel inlove with that Lumberjack, I posted your link on my Tumblr. its soo cute <3 Posted on my tumblr.!/xoDropDeadxo and fb. :)

  16. Shared on Facebook and Twitter! :)

  17. Hilary Utermahlen

    Both of those thing are so adorable! I’m posting this on twitter!

  18. I posted on facebook! :) Hi Hilary!


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